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Do you love playing games? Do you get fed up of not passing the level of your favorite game? Have you ever thought of any magical application which will provide you the privilege of having unlimited resources, helping you to pass various stages?  Gear up!! Game geeks because LUCKY PATCHER is here. Lucky Patcher is developed by Techylist, this application is just amazing as it allows in-purchase of various applications. Gamers can purchase any of the application using this application without spending even a single penny. Now you do not have to think about money before playing any game. Android users can use this application, it’s having various amazing features in which one of them is Ad blocking.

Nowadays we all play real-time games and we have access to limited resources and sometimes we are left behind as we do not perform well, but this application will surpass us with all the obstacles and you can enjoy playing any game with unlimited resources. This application works as a hacking application by which you can hack and purchase, surpass the license and enjoy games to the fullest. The application is still not available for iOS or iPhone users.

The amazing features of Lucky Patcher are as follow:

  • Lucky patcher allows users to purchase any application without any cost. It also helps in in-purchase of various applications.
  • Luck Patcher will help you get away with unwanted ads which distract gamers during gameplay, and it becomes annoying. It blocks such ads from popping up on your screen.
  • Gamers can get free access to unlimited coins and any other resources that too free of cost. This feature will help you to become more powerful than others.
  • It helps in converting any application in system application so now you can permanently keep your favorite application as the system application.
  • This application helps you to move your application to the memory card and vice versa if users want to shift the application.

So, hurry up guys! Go and grab the beautiful application waiting for you and experience your gameplay with whole of new features.

Lucky Patcher

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Lucky Patcher is a hacking application and PUP designed for Android devices, designed to patch applications, get licenses, patch applications to not have ADs in them, create custom patches or create modified APKs without root access. 


Lucky Patcher analyzes the list of installed apps on the user’s device and indicates the actions the user can carry out, including the ability toremove the license verification included on many apps that requires them to be downloaded from Google Play to work; modify the associated permissions; extract the APK file to do backups; and other illicit actions like removing Google Ads, unlocking paid apps to be able to install them on other devices. It is recognized as malware by Google Play Protect and a PUP by Malwarebytes, likely because it allows users to make patches to the Android system or delete it in addition to being illegal. It is popularly used for hacking games as it can allow users to gain the items from in-app purchases for free.

The logo is a smiley face with black eyes and a smile on a yellow face, however the launcher icon can be changed to a few other icons inside the app’s settings.

Several options are available in a slider at the bottom of the screen, which include the “switches”, for enabling or disabling some of the features of Lucky Patcher, the Toolbox (features listed below), “Search”, to search the list of apps, “Backups”, to show apps backed up with Lucky Patcher, “Rebuild and Install”, which browses the Lucky Patcher directory to find modified .apk files, and “Options Menu”, which opens a small list of options allowing the user to view and download custom patches for apps, view the settings, troubleshooting or About menus.

Although the app does not require root access for basic functionality, more features are unlocked if the user has root access. Lucky Patcher also claims that it needs root access in order to work, despite still working perfectly fine without it.

If users have superuser access, on clicking an application inside Lucky Patcher nine options can be selected: 

  • “App info”, which opens specific information about the app inside Lucky Patcher, including the package name, permissions and more.
  • “Launch App”, which simply launches the selected app.
  • ”Close application”, which will stop the app running in the background until reopened.
  • ”Menu of Patches”, which opens a selection of what the user can use to patch the app.
  • ”Tools”, opening a popup window that allows the user to clone the app, disable it, use it as a system app, backup the app, ODEX it, reinstall it or share it.
  • ”Uninstall App”, which will delete the app along with any data.
  • ”Clear Data”, which will clear all data saved from the app.
  • ”Move to /sdcard” (if the application is in the internal memory) or “Move to internal memory”, which will move the app to the respective location.
  • ”Manage the app”, which will open the Android application info for that app.

With root access, Lucky Patcher allows users to access more features in the ‘Toolbox‘ which include:

– Being able to perform several batch operations:

  • Select apps to extract and backup .apk files.
  • Select apps to move to the external storage or SD card.
  • Select apps to move to the internal or emulated storage.
  • Select apps to uninstall.
  • Select apps to disable.
  • Select apps to enable.
  • Select apps to integrate update to the /system folder.

– To view apps in the bootlist (that will begin on the device booting up)

– Methods of universally removing ads across the device without having to individually patch apps:

  • Turning off the Google Ads service, which has the disadvantage of sometimes resetting the Google Advertising ID.
  • Blocking ads on device, which attempts to completely remove ads across the device.
  • Unblock ads on device, to reverse the above patch.
  • Clear the local ‘hosts’ file.

– Remove all saved purchases, to remove any purchases that were done illegally by Lucky Patcher

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