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WeChat lets you keep in touch with anyone who uses the same application, independent of the operating system that person uses, be it Android or iOS. You can send text messages to individuals and groups, pictures, videos, voice messages, GPS information, and even make video calls in high definition.

Before you start using the app, as with similar services like WhatsApp or LINE, you’ll have to associate your phone number with a personal account, which should take only a few minutes. Once you’ve done this, you’ll be able to see a list of people from your contacts who are also using WeChat.

All the conversations you have through WeChat will be saved to your device but not to the server, so only you can access them, and only from your device. No one else. This way, you can have conversations without worrying about them being saved to the cloud or on some external server.

One interesting feature in WeChat lets you talk with random users. You just have to select this mode, shake your Android device, and in just seconds you’ll be connected with somebody else.

WeChat is an alternative way of communicating. You can use it to establish conversations with the speed and ease that are typical of this kind of applications. The only drawback is that its user base is smaller compared to other apps.

More about WeChat

WeChat is a free messaging & calling app. It allows you to easily connect with family & friends across countries. WeChat is an all-in-one communications app. Which you can use to send text, voice / video calls, moments, games and photo sharing.

WeChat is a popular messenger application that’s really handy to contact your loved ones. Using this app, you can send massages, make audio or video calls and voice massages. You can also share the beautiful captions of your life with your family and friends. Also, you can make one to one chat or you can make a group. You can share HD videos using WeChat. Same features are available in  Whatsapp .

On first time start, WeChat asks you to register with your contact number as all other apps do. So you just need to add your phone number with a valid user name and password. After sign up, the app will send you a code to verify the number. After verification, you will be freely allowed to use this app. So you have to spend just few minutes to enjoy this wonderful app.

The extra feature of WeChat that makes it more interesting is its social connectivity. You can connect to any person anywhere in this world by shaking your android device. The moment when you shake your mobile, all the people that are shaking their phone will be shown to you and you can greet them. Moreover, you can select the gender of the unknown person you want to contact using the filter. You can also search all the people nearby your location that are online at that time and greet them.

WeChat  is a popular  free messaging service , available on mobile and now  Windows  PCs. This desktop version allows you to chat and share files just like you can on the mobile versions. 

Connect with your mobile account

To use WeChat, you need to  sign up for an account  with your mobile number. This Windows version is an accompaniment to the mobile apps. To sign up, simply download the app for your mobile device, enter your phone number and then enter the verification code you are sent.

Giving the app access to your contacts allows you to see who is already using WeChat. To use the Windows version, you have to open the mobile app, and take a photo or a  QR code  that appears on your screen. Once done. Wechat for Windows opens, looking and feeling very much like it’s mobile relative.

Functional basic chat app

With WeChat, you can  chat  with your contacts through your desktop, and get  notifications  when someone is contacting you. You can also  send files . File transfer may be more useful on Windows than on mobile devices (especially if you are an iOS user), as you can send any type or file you like through WeChat.

WeChat is fairly simple. Aside from text chat and file transfers, you can also send screenshotsand emoji. The screenshot tool is good, automatically contracting around windows you hover over. Where WeChat falls behind other apps like Skype or Facebook Messenger is its lack of video or voice chat.

Stay connected without your phone

WeChat for Windows is a useful addition to the mobile apps, but note that you cannot use it without a mobile account. However, it’s useful if you want to stay connected without looking at your phone! 

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